Finalist 2018 Food

Tasia and Gracia are Indonesian sisters who won one of the most popular TV shows in Australia ‘My KitchenRules’. They both have proudly shown and proven that Indonesian cuisine is unique, diverse and amazinglydelicious to the respected judges and to millions of people since the show was aired in Australia and many othercountries. Their childhood inspired them to dream of establishing their own restaurant and promotingIndonesian cuisine to the world. Living abroad since they were young, their skills of cooking traditionalIndonesian cuisines was taught by their Grandmother and Mother.

They have been invited by the Australian Government Representative in Indonesia to promote Indonesiancuisine. Recently, they became key{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“8765446d-f500-4b5f-8ff7-302f7309c1ce”],”srcRootClientId”:””}note speakers in the Diaspora Event in Indonesia, along with former USpresident Barrack Obama.”


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February 1, 2018