Mark Pillsworth has demonstrated excellence in the fields of forestry (mangrove), fishery (prawn) and agriculture (ongoing SegaraAnakan reclamation) and has participated as a specialist in these areas in 2 major ADB projects in Indonesia: Mangrove Management and Rehabilitation based in Sulawesi); and SegaraAnakan Conservation and Development Project based in Central and Western Java). In Sulawesi he filled the role of mangrove specialist, while in Java he fulfilled two roles as Environmental Engineer (monitoring impacts of dredging) and Civil Engineer (dredging specialist).

He has continued with conservation / fisheries/agriculture development with a local NGO, YayasanSosial Bina Sejahtera (YSBS) Cilacap (2005 – present; headed by Fr Charlie Burrows) as advisor and performing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in reclamation of 12,000ha for agricultural purposes in SegaraAnakan and including prawn fisheries conservation. The villagers are now more prosperous, and food security for the region has been strengthened significantly.