Finalist 2018 Culture

Campbell Bridge is a Senior Counsel, Mediator and Arbitrator based inSydney.
He is an Accredited Mediator in Australia and Malaysia (KLRCA) and is a guest international mediator of PMN (Indonesian Mediation Centre).

Over the past few years, he has acted as a mediator in several hundred major disputes both in Australia and South East Asia principally in areas of medical and professional indemnity, mining, insurance, commercial law and construction law. He is the only non-Indonesian accredited as both an Arbitrator and Mediator in Indonesia.

Campbell has been able to combine his work with his love of Indonesia. He has a long and rich history in photographing Indonesians from all walks of life, and has reported on Indonesia through various mediums such as Asia National Geographic and Lion Air in flight magazines. He has been to parts of Indonesia which most Australians and Indonesians have never heard of, and will gladly sleep on the floor if it means getting a great story and photographs.
He has showcased Indonesia through his photography and travel writing and is a champion of Indonesia here in Australia.


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February 1, 2018