Brett South – Finalist


In the last decade of his employment with Qantas, Brett started travelling regularly to Indonesia. In 2009 Brett created Qantas Helping Hands Community – QHHC. It started off as a small group of people (Indonesians and Australians) working in the tourism industry. Brett was introduced by his Indonesian counterparts to some Indonesian communities that were mostly hidden from the wider community yet headed by determined individuals ensuring the children and young people in their care got a decent chance at life. These included children that were orphaned and or abandoned, unmarried pregnant women, children that were sight impaired some suffering from autism, as well as those communities that did not earn enough money to provide their family with a decent meal every day. Projects have included building of schools in Central Sulawesi, working with orphanages in Jakarta, and with KampungSawah (trash scavenging community).


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July 13, 2016

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